Always remember to contact the hotmail tech support to get out of hotmail embarrassments

The world has witnessed a credible revolution in the technological advances since the science started taking its wings. Today the humans have progressed beyond limits and internet has played a vital role in it and to be precise have speedup the process of development.

Hotmail Technical Support

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Hotmail tech support contact number: A savior in the emailing world

The internet world has shown a drastic transformation to the communication sector by adding speed to the message sending and receiving process.

Hotmail Tech Support Customer Help Desk Phone Number

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How to Protect Hotmail Account from Hackers

Hotmail which is recently replaced with the name Microsoft Outlook, as we know is a free email service from Microsoft. Being backed by such an IT giant it brings with it a strong and regularly updated security mechanism that can help a user to stay protected from latest spam, fraud and hackers. Still there are some security loop holes which can be breach out with smart coding. Therefore just for the same, today with the help of this given platform we will guide you how to have a complete security for your email account.

hotmal Tech Support Number 1-844-202-5571 We don’t need to say the importance of an email account in our daily business life. It contains stuff like bills information, bank account details and confidential documents and personal information; therefore one just can’t avoid the security measures at all. Thus, its security should be our prime concern.


Enlisting out below few measures, by following which one can avoid lots of troubles:

  1. Be wiser during registration process: Hotmail comes preinstalled along with Windows Live Essentials package. Therefore make sure the PC you’re using running genuine version of software’s. To be on the safer side always double check that whether you’re registered through a “Trusted PC” or not.
  2. Enable the advanced time expire Password feature: Changing the special key (Password) regularly can decrease your hacking possibilities. But in this hectic working hour one may not remember to change the password. Fortunately hotmail account is equipped with such a feature where user can enable Hotmail to pop a message automatically stating “ You need to change your password immediately”.
  3. Use a strong password: Yeah this has been the most common recommendation from every blogs and forums you may be reading online. But even knowing this only few has been seen following it. Hence just for a reminder we want you to know that a strong password can be the most effective weapon against all the trouble makers.
  4. Avoid mails from unknown recipient: A pattern has been seen recently from the hackers that they are using a fraud mail by setting up bait.
  5. Be digital: Digital in sense means here today people are more getting addicted to access their mails via their smart phones. Therefore enabling the SMS alerts can notify you with an immediate response, if something bad happens to your account.

hotmal customer support number 1-844-202-5571

Infrequently used accounts are the one which are more targeted by these evil people. Therefore, in addition with all the above measures, the best way to keep hackers away from your valuable account is to Login on regular basis.

Retrieving the Hotmail password

With the boon bestowed by the internet on us, it has increased the vulnerability of one’s details to get leak, which can cause havoc in one’s life. An account holder is now days becoming extra cautious regarding his account carrying his personal information. As most of us know that a password performs the pivotal role in being the account’s key then attention should be paid to the fact that a password should be such that it cannot be cracked by the hackers and also one should remember one’s password. How to recover a forgotten password forms the basis of this help number


As emailing is supposedly one of the quickest medium to establish links but only an efficient provider can give a quality service required. Emailing service providers are many but a few of them promises their real responsibility in being consumer centric instead of being business oriented. Good organizations put their heart and soul into their offerings, making their product a likeable one worldwide. Among such names is Hotmail designed by Microsoft in 1995, which offers free emailing services on the internet and had been marked to hold second position in the row. It has 350million users following it a month according to an internet based statistics.

The offerings of science and technology are prone to get defective sometimes as they are based on the experiments and technical failings are bound to take place. Hotmail is no exception at that, it also shows problem in its workability. Password is perceived to hold a special space in the account’s security and it has to be a strong composition of alphabets, numbers, symbols, etc. But, certain users being active on various sites tend to forget their passwords counting on an urgent technical strengthening pillar.

Password associated precautions one should follow to keep the account intact:

  • It should be lengthy and carry an intricate formation.
  • It shouldn’t be told to anyone, no matter how close the relationship is.
  • It should not carry any date, place or event close to the user.
  • One must not write it down nearby the system or an easily accessible place such as wallet and all.

Even following all the above pointers one forgets the password sometimes causing a self imposed problem which definitely calls or a tech support. The official page provides the support asking the users to go through the prescribed under steps:

  • Foremost attention should be paid to the fact that the recovery option should be upgraded.
  • “Can’t access to the account” link should be clicked which takes one to the recovery page.
  • Now “recover the password” should be clicked and a easy mode of recovery like phone number should be chosen.
  • A five digit code is generated for verification.
  • One should confirm it best to his knowledge.
  • Enter the code in the required area and a new tab is opened up where the password can be reset.

It is regained via the account holder’s alternate account which is registered at time of account opening .Once this help form is selected, the user receives a retrieval link in the inbox. The authentication link has to be accessed and password is recovered.

Hotmail tech support

Even if the user is dumbfounded on the password related query then one can align to the third party tech support .These companies try to relieve the client of the password and other Hotmail related issues in shortest possible time. Their professional team with a quality experience fixes the discussed problem with utter seriousness. The mode of connectivity is available in the form of Hotmail consumer service number which is toll free, or contact can be established using internet chatting or emailing channels. This live support is obtained 24*7, even at the odd hours. By taking the PC’s access from anywhere, the engineer works hard to correct the error and users while online at the same time can keep a check on the work done and one does not have to take security related tensions as privacy keeps safe this way.

To conclude, it won’t be wrong if there is an increased number of populace treading the path shown by the third party tech support.

Hotmail Tech Support Number USA/Canada(1-844-202-5571)

Hotmail customer support Number

Some of the most common Issue or bugs that you can face in hotmail Account are

  • Your Hotmail account hacked
  • You Cannot access Hotmail account
  • Unable to Sign in or Sign out of Hotmail account
  • Hotmail account settings issues
  • Hotmail account blocked without your knowledge
  • Unable to compose or receive Hotmail Emails
  • Inbox folder not reactive new Emails
  • Inbox Emails not Show Inbox Folder
  • Receiving someone else Emails on your account